Alarms (hardwired & wireless)

E-FUN ZONE can supply, install and maintain a security system that is specifically designed to suit your needs. We will provide you with latest technology, including both hardwired and wireless systems.

These systems incorporate a wide range of intruder detection devices such as infrared and microwave detectors (motion sensors), reed switches, photo-electric beams, and seismic (vibration) detectors. These can be installed to give internal,perimeter and external coverage of your premises. Other devices include smoke detectors and panic buttons (hardwired or wireless).

Wireless remote key fobs can also be supplied to give you the convenience of arming or disarming your system from your driveway by simply pressing a button. Typically, the strobe on the external siren box will flash as your confirmation. These remotes also have a panic button for your peace of mind.

Upon alarm activation internal and external sirens are loud enough to become disorientating at close range, ensuring intruders won't remain on your premises for any length of time. The external strobe on the siren box will flash continuously until the alarm is reset.